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Enjoying Your New Home

When I first moved into my new home, I realized that there were more than a few things that I needed to fix. I spent the next year carefully going through the house and renovating different sections, so when it came time to decorate, I was fresh out of funds. I realized that if I wanted to enjoy my new home, I really needed to focus on interior design. I started spending a lot of time and money making little crafts and trying to spruce up little corners around the house, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about designing a beautiful interior--even if your home needs a lot of work and you don't have a lot of cash.

Two Ways You Can Re-Purpose Your Older Drapes Around The Home

Are you thinking of replacing your drapes with new ones that do a better job of blocking sunlight, matching your decor, or creating the look you want in your room? As long as your old drapes are still in good shape, there's really no reason to throw them away. Here's a look at two ways you can re-purpose them around your home.

Create a cover for your cleaning products' shelf.

A shelf full of cleaning products can take away from the look of your laundry room or spare room. With your old curtains, you can create a hanging covering for your cleaning products' shelf, so when you look at it, all you see is beautiful drapes.

Start by running a piece of fat string (narrow rope works, too) through the top of your curtain where the rod is supposed to go. Then, use a needle and thread to stitch through the string and the material at either end of the curtain, so that the string cannot slide out. Repeat this process with a second curtain.

Purchase a couple of stick-on hooks, and stick them on to the sides the top shelf of your shelving unit. Space them about 8 - 12 inches apart. Drape the curtains over the hooks, putting one on each side of the shelf so they meet in the middle. All that  you have to do to access your cleaning products is temporarily pull one of the curtains down off a hook or two.

Create a backdrop for artwork on your wall.

This idea is great for rooms that need an extra pop of color or a focal point. It looks lovely in bedrooms and informal living rooms. Have a friend help you hold a single curtain panel up on the wall, with the top just an inch or two from the ceiling. Then, pound a couple of tacs with wide heads into the curtain, spacing them out every 6 inches or so along the top of the curtain. This will create an elegant runner to highlight your artwork.

Once the curtain is mounted on the wall, you can hang your framed artwork on top of it. Just mount whatever brackets you were planning to use over top of the curtain. You can even hang multiple pictures in an arrangement to create a unique, artistic look.

If your drapes are in good shape, there's no reason to toss them when you buy newer, more stylish ones. Re-purpose them around the home instead, and they'll continue to give you joy for years to come.

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